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I give you …

Master Yotato …

It’s suppose to be a potato :p, but I’m feeling bad today and didn’t put as much effort into it… oh well … think it looks ok tho

master yotato small


Leia Orguanabana

Well I did tell myself that I need to start drawing every day… problem is sometimes I don’t even know what to make …

Now I at least have a list of a few ideas so I intend to use them 😮

Here is another one !


leia organabana small


So I got this stupid idea in my head.. thought it would look cool.

It took me about 2 hours and it’s not perfect but for the amount of time I’ve spent on it I think it’s fine :p.

chewie banana small


So I told myself I’d draw something every day… it’s not easy sticking to it but I am trying.

Some things I’ve done are just not worth posting either <.<

Anyways … today I decided to go with a forest theme and this is what can out of it …

cave in woodssmall